A platform taught by handpicked qualified teachers for Primary School children.

Traditionally, when parents seek homeschooling for their child they would have to get a recommendation from other parents or elsewhere of a qualified teacher. With this in mind, Teach Nation has set out to bring the best teachers from around the world to a centralized location. Parents can now access qualified primary school teachers, see their availability and book them for 25 and 50-minute teaching lessons for their child. …

We are living in unprecedented times and I have to say, I would’ve never thought that schools can ever shut down except for summer breaks, December holidays or even sometimes for snow days depending where on earth you are living.

Covid-19 has shocked everyone no matter the industry you find yourself in and everyone is trying to cope and strategise.

A lot of parents have been wondering and researching about different home learning resources for their children. Well, I’m glad to say there are many out there now. Different educational platforms are going above and beyond to support educators and…

Teach Nation

Teach Nation offers one-to-one online lessons in maths, English and French for primary school children. Find a qualified online teacher for your child today!

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