Home Learning Activities for Kids

We are living in unprecedented times and I have to say, I would’ve never thought that schools can ever shut down except for summer breaks, December holidays or even sometimes for snow days depending where on earth you are living.

Covid-19 has shocked everyone no matter the industry you find yourself in and everyone is trying to cope and strategise.

A lot of parents have been wondering and researching about different home learning resources for their children. Well, I’m glad to say there are many out there now. Different educational platforms are going above and beyond to support educators and families with distant learning activities. It is time we thank technology for that too!

Now, I would like to share with you some of my favourites home learning activities and ideas.

Here we go!

1. BBC Bitesize

There are over 100 online lessons on BBC Bitesize for children who are in years/grades 1–10. The lesson focuses are English, Maths and other core subjects such as Art and Design, learning a new language and more!

2. Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy is a great home learning website for a true virtual classroom experience. First, you pick the year/grade your child is in, then choose between English, Maths or a Foundation topic. Once you are in, you have a pre-recorded virtual teacher teaching your child on the topic they chose to learn about!

3. YouTube: Gifty Owusu-Bekoe

Yes, I saved my own YouTube Channel for third because I am a bit shy. But, yes! I am also hosting Geography lessons for children twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays during COVID-19. Not to be bias, but what I like about this new series for children is that after each Geography lesson video, children have access to a free worksheet related to the geography topic that was covered.

4. LoveReading4Kids

LoveReading4Kids is a great website because you can have access to over 10,000 books and extracts online! The books are organised by age group and are totally free!

5. Practical Home Learning Ideas

Here are some practical home learning ideas (without worksheets) to try with your children!

Early Years

  • Window Observation Activity: Look out of the window and ask your child “what do you see?” Encourage them to use positional language.

E.g. “There is a car on the road”

  • Find Shapes: Allow your child to find shapes around the house and vocally explain what shape they have found!
  • Toys and Stories: Use toys around the house and let your child present to you a story with their toys! Allow them to be creative and have fun!

Primary Years

  • Home Interview: Interview an adult in the house and ask about their life. Allow your child to prepare for the interview by researching appropriate interview questions and explain to them about the importance of taking notes while interviewing an adult.
  • Book Review: This is a fun activity that will allow your children to be creative with writing. Let them write a book review about their favourite literature. Remind them to use emotional and persuasive language to catch their readers’ attention!
  • Math at Home: They can go on a hunt around the house for right angles or even measure the perimeter of different rooms around the house.

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